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the story

Posted on October 7, 2007 by Pruiksma's

So last Thursday I took Nathan to his swimming lesson as usual and at the very end of class the teacher who happened to be subbing for the usual instructor had the kids facing the wall with their backs to the pool so she could throw some diving rings in for them to co and find. Well when it was time to get in the pool Nathan slipped and busted his chin on the concrete. To be honest I was not really paying attention because I had my eye on Luke and screaming was what I heard. Here comes Sandy holding Nathan and I asked her what happens and she says he fell and to be honest once again I was thinking Nathan has a flair for the dramatic soo….. I ask her if it is bleeding and what happened etc etc. Then I actually got a look at his chin and my first thought was oh he is going to need stitches!! Although I didn’t want to be overreacting as well so of course I gathered second and third opinions and they all confirmed what I thought. Great! David is all the way up in Gwinnett at a conference, I know Angie is getting ready to have to go pick up the girls from school, my in-laws were at a funeral in Macon. So I am thinking and calling David wondering where I should take him. Urgent Care was suggested but David reminded me that they don’t open until two and really I did not want to revisit the ER. So I called my peds office and they do stitches! Praise the Lord!! He is so faithful and providential!!
The owner of the dive shop offers to drive me and the kids to the office. That allows me to hold pressure on Nathan’s “wimming lesson” wound instead of driving and having him hold pressure on it ….. which we all know wasn’t going to happen and it helped me out with Luke. I can’t imagine having to hold Nathan down for the stitching and having Luke run around that room. And I have to thank God again because normally we don’t eat until after lessons because they are at 12:30 but for some reason I brought Luke some lunch to eat during the lesson!! God knows!
Nathan was a trooper. He acted so brave. Any mom knows it is tough to watch your child have to go through something painful. The Lord gave both of us grace. He ended up with five stitches and will have them removed this coming Thursday. I have two boys I knew this would come sometime!

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