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The story of a "little girl"...

Posted on September 2, 2007 by Pruiksma's

As I have stated previously we love to be involved in our church and we love this for many reasons but ultimately we want to honor God and when we honor Him He blesses us hence the joy of being involved in church. This joy overflows into my children namely Nathan right now. Luke I am sure enjoys it as well but is unable to communicate with us at the present time. Whenever we go to church he immediately wants to go to his sunday school class. He must really love Sunday school or he doesn’t so much enjoy sitting in church with us…… I am praying he loves Sunday School. At our church we have worship first then we have Sunday school. During church Nathan sits upstairs with us and then we have fellowship time and proceed onto Sunday School. It has become a habit of ours to ask Nathan what he learned as we are in the van heading home from church. He knows this question is coming. So last week I was not even pulled out our parking space before he begins to tell me that they discussed Gideon. It was almost as if he wanted to get this conversation over with so we would not continually pick his brain about what occured in Sunday School. Well this week was no exception except that we were out of the parking lot but I did not have to ask he began to tell me the story. The kids learned about Ruth and I going to do my best to describe the story exactly how he put it:
Nathan - “Today we learned about a little girl who was poor and had no money for bread and she had to get stuff to make bread and her husband died for a couple of days and then another man came along”
Mommy - “Can you tell me the girls name?”
Nathan - “Hmmm I don’t remember the little girls name or the boys name.”
Mommy- “Was it Ruth and Boaz?”
Nathan - “Yeah the little girls name was Ruth and the man was Boaz - I just can’t remember the little girls name.”
Mommy- “What is in the basket on your paper?”
Nathan- “Wheat because she is poor and has to make her bread.”
Oh it was so precious and what a blessing it is to my heart to hear the account of Ruth from God’s word through the eyes of my child!! I don’t think I will ever hear this story and think of it the same!

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