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A revelation....

Posted on October 7, 2007 by Pruiksma's

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So usually I blog about the happenings of the Pruiksma household but this blog will be a little bit different. More of an introspect on my part. That sounded lofty didn’t it.
For those of you who haven’t noticed we live in a culture obsessed with looks! I myself am very guilty of this. I should have titled this blog confession is good for the soul! For those of you who know me you know I love to workout and I am enjoying the benefits of it as well. However at one point in time it became an obsession for me……. working out, looking good, trying to lose weight. I really was letting that be a focus and priority in my life. The Lord is gracious though and I became aware that this was a sin. I know working out -being a sin. No it wasn’t the working out that was the sin it was my thought process. God used this to show me a lot about myself but I will spare you the details. I am thankful for His grace!!

Just when I thought I had this area covered, you know the not being so concerned with looks etc. The subject of modesty was brought to my attention. However this really should not have been a new subject for me because thankfully I have a husband who is very conscious about what I wear. For some this may sound crazy but bear with me it is not!!! I am grateful that he is concerned over my appearance. We live in a day where it is almost impossible to shop and find modest appropriate clothing. And if I am honest there were days when David would suggest I wear a different shirt and I would be offended!! I thought what I was wearing was perfectly modest!! Then my pastors wife was telling a story that someone made a comment to her about something she was wearing and how she was grateful for the insight! And I thought to myself now I cannot ever recall a time where she wore something inappropriate!!! She went on to say that we have more of an impact when choosing the clothes we wear than we will ever think about!! We have a responsibility!! First in everything we do we must bring honor and glory to God, then we need to honor our husbands and we need to be careful as not to cause others to sin. Yes all this in the clothes we wear. We are to be a help not a hindrance to the people we come in contact with especially males! We don’t know what they may or may not struggle with. We might think we are looking cute etc. and nothing is wrong with what we are wearing but we are not portraying the image of a Godly woman.

So what did this mean for me?? Loads!! I began examining more closely the clothes I chose to wear and the ones I choose to buy. I have found that after going through some of my clothes that I may have worn things that I should not have been wearing - not that they were extremely immodest but they weren’t completely modest. As Christians it is our responsibility to share with one another God’s truth in all areas of life. I am thankful that my pastors wife shared with me. I just wanted to share this as God had laid it upon my heart.

If you want to read more here is a link to a great article! www.wordpictures.wordpress.com I believe the article is called Dressed to Bless

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