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My favorite things

Posted on August 29, 2007 by Pruiksma's

Welcome to the Pruiksma’s Progress page! First I must confess my friend Brook told me about wordpress and I got this idea from her site and I borrowed my friend Amanda’s idea with the picture from the “Sound of Music” so thanks Brook and Amanda for helping the creative juices get flowing!! I had been using a myspace account but I believe this will better serve my purpose in wanting to journal for and about my family! I will eventually get a picture of all us up on the page but this is the only one that would fit the custom header space for now! So since this is our first official blog of our web page I thought I would share some of our favorite things with you!

1. We love the Lord and our so blessed to have one another including you our family and friends!

2. We love to be together as a family!! I love that David loves to make memories for our kids!! You will see if you are an avid blog reader!

3. David and I love to rent movies and watch them together after we put the kids to bed!

4. I personally love the summertime! I love the pool and the beach, cookouts and ice cream……. what could be better??

5. David likes the fall and enjoys hunting with his little hunting buddy! Last year he took Nathan out camping and they got up early to watch for deer and Nathan was quiet for about an hour and finally broke his silence calling “come out deer”!

6. Music - it is in all of us…… Luke likes to beat on Nathan’s drums, Nathan will play with anything that makes noise, David is the pianist and I love to sing - most often anything I am thinking has a song that can go with the thought!

7. Imagination - if you have kids you can appreciate this! One of my most favorite things to do is listen to Nathan play and even play along with him he loves pretend!!

Okay I think that is enough for now …. Hopefully I will keep up with blogging and you will learn more about the progress of the Pruiksma’s!

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