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Not a good blogger...

Posted on October 30, 2007 by Pruiksma's

That would be me!! I thought for sure when I put this site together that I might actually stay on top of blogging. HA! Life is so busy with a plethora of things that blogging has not been a priority on the list and rightfully so. But here I am know and all is quiet so I have a few minutes to blog and what I don’t get to now will still be waiting for me.

Where to begin….. I will try to do a quick catch up!

David - he is doing well. We are still waiting to hear from our cardiologist as to what happens next. He had a cardiac MRI a few weeks ago and that showed that his right ventricle has decreased function. This could be hereditary and have been like this all his life. When he had the MRI his cardiac enzymes were still elevated and that is the main problem so we are just waiting to see what happens next. We had a super fabulous time in NYC and he did an awesome job of planning the trip. He is working on another trip right now just for the dwarf guys. It is their yearly retreat and I believe they are going to Callaway sometime in November.

Nathan - we just finished up swimming lessons so now we are home most of the time and mommy loves this! He is getting so tall and acts like such a grown up! He loves to come and lay in bed with me once David has gone to work and he told me a few weeks ago that I was his friend : ” his best one!” this of course melted my heart!! He is very smart and social but still very much a mama’s boy!

Luke - I cannot believe he will be 17 months old tomorrow! He looks like he should just be about 13 months and it feels like I was just holding him in my arms all cozy and cuddly just yesterday. Let me assure you there is not much cozy cuddling because he likes to be on the go. He toddles around here with giggles. He loves to smile and giggle at himself!! His new words are hey and bye bye. We have an alarm at the house here and when a door opens it beeps and boy when he hears that beep he runs to the door and says hey or bye bye. It is so cute. And he has such a fascination with the phone much like Nathan did at this age. He runs when he hears it ring. He is growing too fast!! I may be getting baby fever soon!

Me - not much new here! I had a great time in NYC! I think that is one of my favorite places to visit. It was so nice to spend time with David and our friends. I am still working out at the gym, running like a queen! And I am very involved in church and loving it!! For those of you who know me this past year has been a journey and it is such a blessing to see God’s faithfulness through it all!

Well that is about all for now! Hopefully I will stay caught up in the blogging world!

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