Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nathan always has something to say...

Posted on April 18, 2008 by Pruiksma's

So you know I have to write about all the things my little man says so here are a few more stories for you!

#1. For Nathan’s bday my friend Angie gave him a little devotional book for us to read with him at night it is themed with all different kinds of animals. The one we read the other night was about lizards and how when they are attacked their tails can come off and they will grow back. He remembered when we caught a lizard in our playroom that it was missing its tail. Obviously Lily our cat had found him first. So this is my favorite … I ask him what can happen to lizards and he replies: “their tails come off and God grows them back.” I just think that is such a precious response!

#2 Nathan is quite imaginative and he comes in the playroom the other night and this is what he says to me : “Mommy… you know Mr. Justin when he plays softball he slides into the mud and gets all dirty he gets his legs dirty and his pants and he gets his face dirty and mud in his hair ….. oh wait Mr. Justin doesn’t have hair he just has a head.” Thankfully Justin thought this was as funny as I did because I laughed so hard I had to call Brooke right away in case I forgot!

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