Friday, April 25, 2008

Just call me Truvy!

"I don't trust anyone who does their own hair.. I don't think it's natural"

If you are a woman chances are you have probably seen the movie "Steel Magnolias" It is a classic girlie movie and Truvy is a hairdresser played by Dolly Parton! Well I would probably not do my own hair unless I was totally desperate (and of course I do trust those that do their own) but I have decided to cut my own kids hair! This came after MUCH thought and consideration! A lady from our church has been cutting our kids hair and saving me quite a bit as oppossed to going to a salon so I am grateful for her but one night David said you should cut their hair. To be honest my first thoughts were "excuse me" we are not paying that much for someone else to cut it and besides I have zero experience in the hair cutting department and my boys have straight blonde hair ....... any flaw would be noticeable!! I should have said okay let me try my hand at your hair first :) I didn't though. I just kept having visions of the time my mom cut my sisters hair when she was younger and it was sooo short and my sister hated it!! I just didn't want to ruin their hair and I know I could have shaved it worst case scenario and that would not be the end of the world but certainly not my first desire. I know this is becoming a long story - sorry!

Anyway.... I got to thinking about it ..... I have been reading the book "Money, Possessions and Eternity" by Randy Alcorn and I have really been convicted about being a good steward of all the things God has entrusted us with one obviously being money and if I can save money ultimately allowing us to be able to give more then there is no reason I could not try my hand at this. So the last time Carol cut the kids hair I had her guide me in what to do etc etc. I went in search of a good pair of scissors only to discover they can be a bit expensive! I then remembered that my mimi used to cut hair in her basement... she had a chair the whole nine yards etc. etc. So I called her up to see if she still had scissors and if she used them and so on. Turns out she still had them and does not use them and gladly handed them down to me.

That was about a month ago. Soo now Nathan's hair is in need of a a cut and he has been begging to have it shaved like last summer so I was all ready to borrow some clippers and just buzz it off but I coudn't! He looks sooo grown up when he has no hair as he calls it and I just wasn't ready so now the adventure was going to begin ... I had to cut his hair!! I turned my little laundry room into a salon (much like Truvy "the last nice thing my husband did was enclose this carport so I could support him" Thank goodness that is not my case!) I stacked many phone books into the booster seat and put a towel around Nathan got my spray bottle and went to work! If I butchered it I would just have to buzz it and Donnah was coming over anyway so she could have brought me the clippers! But if I do say so myself it turned out quite nicely. I am sure if a professional took a look at it there would probably be many flaws! But to my human eyes it looks fine and the summer is coming anyway so it will be time for a buzz.

I am sure you are wondering if I have tackled Luke's hair yet and the answer is NO!! He is such a wiggle worm I will wait until he most desperately needs a cut and I have some help because I DO NOT want to have to buzz his hair!!

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