Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I cannot believe I forgot my camera......

Original post August 29, 2007

Okay so I usually carry my camera in purse. However this past Saturday I did not have it with me because I had been previously adding photos onto the computer. And of course I needed it!! Why you ask?? This past Saturday we participated in a parade honoring Sgt. Mike Stokely who was killed in Iraq about two years ago. The story of how we became involved in the life of the Stokely family is amazing!! I had Luke up at Northside hospital and my first nurse on the mother/baby unit had dogtags around her neck and my husband being the military fan that he is preceded to ask her about the tags….. she told us that she had lost her son in Iraq about 10 months ago. Turns out Rhetta (the nurse) lived in Sharpsburg not too far from Newnan where we lived so we kind of felt connected. Well a few months pass and David gets a new co-worker (Nick) at CFA who just recently came back from leading a platoon in Iraq. Can you guess who was in his platoon…… Mike Stokely my nurses son……Nick was actually present when Mike was killed…..what a small world it is. So back to the story at hand … CFA participates in this parade honoring Mike and we have a cow car and one of Truetts convertible mercedez and there are like 300 plus motorcylces all in this parade from Peachtree City to Newnan where a black hawk helicopter joins the parade and lands at Newnan High School allowing a tour of the black hawk. Okay the majority of my family has been or is in the military and my husband is a miliatary fanatic……. and never has anyone had such an opportunity to be so close to a black hawk much less be inside one. All three of my boys were googly eyed!! And where is my camera …….. at home. I am thankful to a gentleman who took the picture you do see!!

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