Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Goober's babies and more fun at the Pell's!

Posted on April 18, 2008 by Pruiksma's

Well in case you didn’t know Nathan is good friends with the Pell’s goat Goober. And actually she does not even belong to the Pells she belongs to the Teachouts - so I have to give them a shout out as well! Nathan loves Goober so much that we save our banana peels etc etc and we deliver them to Mr. JK and Ms Becky often. So if you see us at church carrying a pail of trash around you can safely assume it is for Goober! The Pells have been very kind to include us in Goobers life. Back in December Nathan went with the Pells to pick Goober up from her visit to see some “boy” goats. And it seems as if Goober had a successful time because she just recently gave birth!! The Pells even included Nathan in the Goober birth pool : Nathan had the opportunity to guess when Goober would give birth, how many babies she would have, the gender of the babies and some suggestions on names. Here were Nathan’s predictions DOB - April 11, one baby girl and her name should be wheelie. Yes this all came straight from his mouth!! Well Nathan was close!! Goober gave birth on the night of April 10 and she had two babies and boy and a girl. Joy K. from our church won the pool and named the babies Twix(boy) and Tamale(girl) Tamale’s middle name I am proud to say is Wheelie!! We love the Pells so much and are so thankful the Lord has brought them into our lives! Here are some pictures of us meeting the babies and having some other fun as well!!

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