Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Go Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines.....(better late than never!)

Posted on January 16, 2008 by Pruiksma's

In case you didn’t know David and I come from a military background. His grandfather, dad, and sister were all in the military. In fact his sister served in Iraq. And both my grandparents, my dad and my brother were in the military (my brother currently serving in Iraq). This information just helps you to know that we are very grateful to those who serve/served in the armed forces. To show this my husband came up with a fabulous idea! He decided we should take ourselves and the kids along with Mr. JK to the airport to hand out baked goods to the soldiers who were there. I had made some goodies during Christmas and then Cookies to You in Fayetteville donated tons of cookies and of course we handed out BOG’s (free CFA) and a little note from the boys. I tried to copy and paste the note and picture here but it is not working for me! We dressed the boys in thier camos how appropriate I know. I must say it was very emotional for me as I watched those soldiers leaving thier families behind to protect our country. This is a huge sacrifice. It was a joy to hear Nathan say there is an army man and go running after him or her to hand them a little goody bag. I pray that he grows to know the important sacrifice these men and women are making for us and he remembers to be grateful. Here are a few snapshots. If you know a soldier tell them thank you for us!

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