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Dr. Anyone?

Posted on October 5, 2007 by Pruiksma's

(nathan in dr. suit pic)

I started my Thursday just like any other Thursday the kids and I were off to the gym at 7:55 mommy had cycle at 8:15. And then after that we had a Wal-mart run to make or so we thought. My gym routine is to go to the hour long cycle class and then I do a little weight training after that. I usually never take my cell phone in and this time was not any different. We leave the gym and get to the car where the cell phone is fervently ringing and I notice I have missed quite a few call from David. I answer the phone and it is David and he explains that he has gone to the emergency room and my first question to him was “is this a joke?” For those of you who know my husband this was a reasonable question!
It was not a joke! So instead of going to Wal-mart we headed to Piedmont Fayette’s ER. In the meantime I called my friend Angie and she met me at the hospital and took my kids with her. She first took them home but as time progressed she had to go and get her other two children from school and her oldest one had a dentist appointment. Yes she took her three girls and my two boys …….. all of them to the dentist office. Then she took them back to her house and fed them. (Ang - you rock!!) I picked them up later. Okay back to David. He was experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath as well as feeling lightheaded. So he thought he would just go over to the urgent care but they don’t open until 2:00pm. So then he drives himself to the ER where he waits around for about 30 minutes before going in. Actually a nurse convinced him to go in. So he goes in we see the ER doctor who thinks it is probably gastric related because he has had this nagging chest pain for sometime and he has actually been seeing our primary care physician for this for about a year and a half. He just had never really felt this bad. Anyway she runs some tests gives him some medicine and says we should think about seeing a GI doctor. Then his labs come back and we are not talking gastric anymore because his cardiac enzymes are “outrageously” elevated which indicates he might have had a heart attack! So we quick get an ekg, the cardiologist comes in and she is just baffled. She says she has never seen someone in such good conditions with such bad cardiac enzyme levels. She orders an ultrasound of the heart and a heart cath and a stay overnight. WOW!Okay to try and make this already long blog short I will spare the minor details because I don’t think I will ever forget them. The ultrasound and heart cath came back great!! He was released the following day and had an appointment to see the cardiologist on Monday. No work until Wednesday. For those of you who know David that was not pleasant news!We went to to the cardiologist on Monday where they ran his blood levels again and did an ekg. The ekg looked fine but the levels were elevated again which helped them to know he was not having a heart attack - Praise the Lord!! He is suffering from myocarditus(sp??) which is an inflammation of the sac around your heart. This is good news because that means he did not have a heart attack last week either!! Unfortunately there really is nothing that can be done for this condition it will take several weeks for it to go away and for now they will just continue to check his blood levels regularly and then in two weeks he will see the cardiologist again. They also recommended that he see a GI doctor as well to rule out any other health problems. He has an appointment with one on Monday the 8th which happens to be his birthday! Since he has been feeling like this off and on for about a year and a half the cardiologist thinks there could be something else going on as well as the condition with his heart.
Pheww hope this all makes sense!! I am just sooo thankful that his heart looks healthy!! And Lord willing he will be around for a long while! God is so gracious!! He gave me such peace of mind during the midst of a crazy storm. And with both sets of parents not being in town He surrounded us with friends and church family to help!! We are so blessed and I am so thankful! I was just telling someone tonight how I could not express God’s goodness to me! He is unimaginable and I surely don’t deserve it and I am most assuredly grateful!
We will keep you posted on what we find out next Monday. Thank you so much for the calls, visits, cards, food, kid watching and mostly your prayers. We are so blessed!I thought you might enjoy the picture of Nathan. He was being Daddy’s Doctor!! And I know he was David’s favorite!

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