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Cubbies here I come!!!!

Posted on October 5, 2007 by Pruiksma's

(1st night of cubbies pics)

We are so excited or should I say Nathan is so excited to have been able to start cubbies this year!! For those of you who are not familiar with “Cubbies” it is the program for preschoolers that takes place in AWANA. The kids have bible stories, play time and most importantly they memorize scriptures. They have a book that they work through and as they complete a section and say their memory work for their leader they earn a uniform with stickers and badges etc. This is a picture of Nathan his first night where he earned his uniform and brought home his book. He was so excited he could barely make it in the door ……… he sat right down on the play room steps started reading through it. He did not want to take that vest off. In fact we told him if he wanted to eat his dinner he was going to have to take it off …. he informed us he didn’t want to eat. After a few minutes he asked for some potato chips (we had just fixed some sandwiches etc.) but David told him he would have to take off his vest. So he took it off ate one chip and then put it right back on!! Such excitement!!
He has done so well memorizing scripture! It is my prayer that he not only memorizes it but that it will penetrate his heart and stay with him forever!! So far he has earned his uniform and his first patch. He is eager for me to sew it on!! We will keep you posted of his progress!
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