Tuesday, April 22, 2008

change of plans

Posted on August 31, 2007 by Pruiksma's

Well, instead of typing at my computer right now our plans were to be hanging out on Lake Michigan…..however the Lord thought otherwise and truly He knows best! This weekend marks David’s great Aunt Emma’s 80th birthday and the Pruiksma clan was headed out to Michigan for her party!! When flying we most always fly standby (unless we are with CFA) because David’s dad works for the airlines and my Pop Pop is retired from the airline industry. Everyone knows that flying standby can be risky. We were up and at em early Thursday morning and at this point we know the chances of us getting on the morning flight were small due to the inclement weather we had the night before. But we decided to at least try. So we went with all our luggage and carseats, went through security where I had to take even my babies shoes off….. (I should be thankful for the drastic measures of keeping everyone safe) and waited somewhat patiently in the terminal for our names to be called. Nathan was probably the least patient because all he wanted to do was get on the aiplane. Well obviously we didn’t get on. And really we were fine with this…….. sad we weren’t going to be able to see Great (David’s grandmother) and Aunt Emma and the others . Well flying standby usually your luggage does not get placed on the aircraft until you are on the plane and seeing as how we did not get on our luggage should be out by the plane still. With David’s dad being an employee he just went downstairs to get his luggage and our luggage along with our carseats and bring them back up to us. Unfortunately they got put on the plane!! All I could think was how our we going to get home with our carseats on a plane heading to Michigan?? Fortunately we just filled out some claims and Airtran has loaner carseats so all was well. And we were at home so it wasn’t like we had no clothes etc. etc. Our bags and carseats made it back home yesterday afternoon and all is well now. As I was unpacking last night David says “honey I think you packed way to much for just a trip to the airport.”

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