Saturday, April 26, 2008

another milestone - bike riding

My in-laws are famous at yard sales!! Seriously they go every weekend..... at least Dad does.... I actually tease him that he has a real problem...... every weekend he comes home with more lawn mowers to fix up and sell. I told him he needed to go to LMA lawn mowers anonymous!! Anyway you get the point they love yard sales...... and this is working to my benefit so I am quite thankful!! Last summer they picked up a bike with training wheels for 10 dollars. It looks brand new fabulous condition. But last summer Nathan was too little for it so it went to "papa's house" aka the shed, and really I wasn't sure about pulling it out this year. We had actually thought of purchasing him a new bike for his birthday but everytime we tried one out at the store he could not push the pedals. So we decided to save the money you know new bikes are not cheap these days. Well the other night we were at my in-laws and Nathan was riding his tricycle and going 90mph on it and dad thought we should bring the bike out of the shed so I said ok. He had a hard time to begin with but now you should see him go!! He is riding all over our driveway ..... well the flat part of the driveway. Can you imagine if I let him go down that steep hill??!!!! He loves riding his bike!! It is so hard for me to believe that my little guy is getting so big. It seems just like yesterday I was watching him in the swing wondering what kind of personality he would have and now he is riding a bike!!

Luke loves to be outside too! In fact the first thing he says in the morning is shoes and outside. He is still a little short for the tricycle but my mom had bought Nathan this little tractor to ride around on when he was little and it is just perfect for Luke and he LOVES it!! He wears a little helmet and just zooms around. And boy can he go! He tries to go up the hill ... I know my neighbors must get tired of hearing me holler "turn around Luke!!"

Here are few pics I took the other day of the boys outside. Enjoy the pics and this beautiful weather!

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