Tuesday, April 22, 2008

About us

We are the Pruiksma’s! Thankful for God’s grace and sovereignty in our lives!! I have been married to my fabulous husband David for 5 years!! I am blessed to be a stay at home mommy to my handsome boys Nathanael Allen and Luke Samuel while David is a business consultant for Chick-fil-A so “EAT MOR CHIKIN”! I love my life. I enjoy being with the church, knowing my Saviour more, reading, spending time with family and friends, listening to music. I am so thankful for God’s goodness!! Obviously I love CFA! I love NYC! I like Rachel Ray even though I stood out in the cold for what felt like forever and still didn’t get to see her show. I like to run (while listening to the IPOD of course). I love to chat with my best girl friend Angie on IM while listening to some “Mamma Mia” one of my favorite broadway shows. One of my greatest pet peeves is “non-responders” (I just need an acknowledement of the message) but I must confess I am sometimes guilty of this too! I don’t like coffee but love starbucks. There is nothing better than an original chocolate chip cookie with chocolate icing from the cookie company! See that’s why I have to run! I love the Lord and I AM TRULY BLESSED! My boys (yes all of them David included) are the best and I try to blog about them often so if you want to read up on our latest adventures check out our site often!
“A glad heart makes a cheerful face…” Prov. 15:13a

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