Monday, November 24, 2008

My favorite time of year....

This is absolutely hands down my most favorite time of the year!!! I love Thanksgiving and I am a Christmas fanatic!!! And to have cold weather this time of year is fabulous and a bit unusual!! David put a fire in the fireplace the other night and the boys were just fascinated - more so Luke than Nathan - but both were enthralled!! I decided to make us some hot chocolate. Yummo!! Of course both boys had to have some!

Hot chocolate and fire places make me think of the Winshape Retreat Center. If you ever have the opportunity to visit - please do so!!


As most of you know Nathan made a trip to the emergency room at Scottish Rite this past week. We are very grateful that Nathan did not have an appendicitis as we had expected - he did however have pneumonia. He missed most of school last week but we allowed him to go on Thursday so he could take part in their Thanksgiving Feast. While he was at school the class was going to be going outside and Nathan told Ms. Dana one of his teachers that he had to wear his hat outside because he didn't want to get "ammonia" and have to go back to the hospital!!

This is a recent picture of him one morning before church. It was actually probably several weeks ago seeing as how I have had sick kids the past few weeks! Isn't he so handsome!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mischief part II

Soo.......I have been tracking back time to see how mischievous my little Luke is these are the things I can remember..... the last few being just in this week.....

1. dumps out the contents of my purse - eats all my little york peppermints - busted with a super chocolatey face

2. hides all of our important electronics (ie blackberry, ipod) in the back of the pantry along with stashing a few oreo cookies

3. dumps out the contents of my purse again (I am putting this to what I thought was out of reach) eating the entire travel sized bottle of tums. "yummy candy mommy..."

4. colors on himself with marker

5. tips over the cradle with Ethan in it - Ethan is fine - please do not call dfacs :)

6. dumps the cereal out onto the floor and all over in the pantry (I know I should get a lock for this door)

7. unrolls a roll of paper towels into the toilet

8. colors on self again this time with a sharpie "i color on newt mommy" newt is what he calls himself because apparently it sounds very much like Luke.

I am sure there are other things that I am just not remembering. You are probably wondering what in the world kind of parent I am that he gets into this much mischief. I often wonder myself. But you cannot leave this kid alone for one second!!! Let's hope Ethan's personality is not as mischievous as Lukes!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is what happens when I nurse Ethan. Luke gets into all sorts of things. Mischief is his middle name. Thankfully the walls and carpet were spared he only colored all over himself with markers - particularly orange and brown.


I know I have said before that I have the best husband ever - but it is sooo true!! You are probably wondering what he did this time so let me just tell you!!

As you know he travels a good bit and we just had a baby so you can imagine it has been awhile since we have been on a date. So about a week ago after he had been on a trip he said he wanted to take me out somewhere nice because you know he gets to do nice things when he is out of town - you have seen the pictures! Really though it doesn't bother me. I was fine with going out but I thought we should just stay local and hit up the Olive Garden or something - at this point in my life anything out with my hubby was going to be considered fine dining. Besides we were going to have to take Ethan anyway so close was fine with me - but no David insists we go to Maggiano's. I actually tried to talk him out of it and really I tried to reschedule the date - he had told me he was going to be pushing getting home because of meetings and such and that I should wear something a little nice so we are not mismatched so to speak. I could not understand why just not reschedule - but no - I must admit this had be wondering. But he closed that suspicion when he told my mom we would be home by 8. See I had been really wanting to see the musical Wicked and it was going to be playing at the Fox in Atlanta so I thought maybe but like I said he told my mom we would be home early so I didn't think twice about it. Besides he had said to me awhile back when I told him I wanted to see it that he would rather wait and see it in NYC and how would I watch a show with a baby so I really didn't think another thing about it.

So on our date night we head out to Maggiano's - David, myself and Ethan. And I was sooo tired!! I can remember thinking on the way I hope I am at least decent conversation since we are going all the way to Buckhead to eat!!! We arrive and I need to feed Ethan... I want to feed him in the van but David says we need to go on in and he is sure they will have a special room to feed him in. Okay they didn't but that is beside the point. I was surprised to meet our best friends David and Angie there!! What a surprise!! It was a surprise for Angie as well!! The last time the 4 of us had been out together was in July!! So I fed Ethan in the bathroom and then got to enjoy a wonderful dinner with our great friends!! About 7:30 ish David kind of abruptly is ready to go. He had told me he had work to do when we got home so I wasn't really caught off guard but I remember thinking he was kind of abrupt and dinner and our fun was over. He makes sure I can wait to feed Ethan when we get home which was totally fine. So home we head. I am actually thinking of taking a quick nap on the way home knowing I will have to feed Ethan when I get home. We get in a little traffic due to an accident and just some traffic. David begins to change lanes toward exits and he is talking about how he wonders if Ga. Tech has a game because of all the traffic and I am asking have they even started playing basketball and then he proceeds to get off the exit and I am thinking man he really wants to see if they are playing ... and finally I ask what are you doing ... to which he replies ... " I thought we would go and see Wicked!!" I was ecstatic asking if he was for real .. which he was!! I asked if David and Angie were coming too. He said no and he didn't want to say anything at dinner because he didn't want to hurt their feelings. And I am thinking man how I am gonna tell her about all this without her feeling bad... but oh well because I am super excited at this point.

We get there and David drops me off so I can go and feed Ethan before the show. Much to our dismay - we ran into a little trouble and had to buy Ethan a ticket. Insane I know!! So I didn't get to feed him but it was okay because he was sleeping anyway. In fact he slept the entire musical - great for me ... but a little silly that we had to buy our barely 4 week old baby a ticket to a musical where he sat in my lap the whole time and slept!! Of course my husband is going to call about this because he was told Ethan would not need a ticket so hopefully we will be refunded. Needless to say his ticket will be in his baby book :) !!

It turns out David told me a lie because after about 10 minutes into the show David and Angie show up!!! The musical was super fabulous!!! I am still singing some of the songs from the show!! The whole evening was great!!

Dave - I love you - not just for your surprises they are indeed great - but for so much more! You challenge me to be a better person all to bring honor and glory to Christ! I am so thankful to Him for giving me you !! Thanks for such a great evening!!!
To my dear blog readers... I am so sorry I have not blogged in forever!! I am very good at keeping up with your blogs ... reading is easy.... finding time to type my own news... not so easy. I remind myself this is a season of life and a short one at that. Our little Ethan is getting to be so big and I just can't stand it!! How is it that you feel pregnant for so long and it feels like an eternity until you get to meet your precious baby. Then they get here and the time FLIES!! We are adjusting well to having a new little one around. The boys absolutely adore their little brother and I am so grateful!! Life with boys what can I say.... they love thier mama and their guns - what more could a mom ask for??!! Here is a picture of Ethan at 1 month and then my little hunters and pumpkin at Halloween. Aren't they adoreable!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

more time please....

Well I wondered while I was pregnant how blogging would go once baby arrived..... as you can see it is going nowhere!! There just are not enough hours in a day and there is so much to share!! But I realized two weeks later we had no pictures on here of our sweet baby Ethan. So here are a few and once I have a little more time I will put together a slide show and share the happenings of life. But for now here is our precious new baby. We are so thankful for his safe and healthy arrival! To God be the glory!!!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ethan James is Here!

He has arrived! At 12-noon today sharp, Ethan came into the world weighing in at .......................................

8lbs, 2oz, 19" (looks like a couple of you were right on the money with your guesses)

Pictures to come!

Monday, September 29, 2008

D- day .......

Well we are off to have a baby!! We will keep you posted!! Any one want to try and guess his weight!!??

Monday, September 22, 2008

Entertained by 4 year olds....

I am so blessed to have so many good friends!! But I am especially thankful when one of them is in the exact same season of life as myself!! I am speaking of my friend Suzanne Burgess. Quick background ... I went to high school with her husband Randy who is now the operator of the Truett's Grill at Mt. Zion. So I know Suzanne through CFA. They have two children and one on the way Madelyn who is 4, Samuel who is around 18 or 19 months and Caroline will be here sometime toward the end of October. Nathan and Madelyn are in the same class at school. Madelyn got in last minute and we are so thankful that God provided her a spot. So you can see what I mean when I say we are in the same seasons of life!!! Since school started we have been getting together once a week usually on Wednesdays having lunch at CFA and letting the kids play in the play place. It has been a great time of fellowship for us and the kids. So much so after our first playdate after school Nathan wanted to go and spend the night with Madelyn. I informed him boys don't sleep over at girls houses to which he responded "well she has a brother." Oh what I have to look forward to!! Then last week Madelyn was sick and had to miss some school and we missed our playdate. When Madelyn came back to school he was soo excited that was the first thing he told me when he got in the van that day along with "Madelyn is my best friend!" When I told Suzanne about this she told me that Nathan informed Madelyn she was his best friend but Madelyn is not on the same page. Kids are soo funny!! So this week we took our playdate to the Georgia Aquarium (we had been given some tickets and Suzanne and I thought it would be fun to do before we have our babies!!) We had such a fun time!! We picked up the kids after school and took our packed lunches and ate outside of the Aquarium before venturing in. I am not sure what was more fun listening to them in the car to and from the aquarium or the actual aquarium visit. It is so fun to hear them talk to one another and then of course you have me and Suzanne who are 9 months pregnant .... I am sure we were quite a sight. And I almost forgot Luke went totally spastic over the dressed up "nemo" fish. He would cover his ears and scream ....... He DID NOT like that fish - I guess it will be awhile before we visit Disney with him. After we went to the aquarium we stopped in Johnny Rockets to get some milkshakes. Suzanne says Madelyn doesn't ever drink a milkshake but she was sure slurping this one down - we got such a kick out of it!!! Oh if you could have heard us on the way home all just giggling!! It was a fun afternoon! Here is a snippet of conversation I heard between Nathan and Madelyn and of course some pictures!!!

On the way home....
Nathan - "Madelyn did you have fun at the aquarium?"
Madelyn - "Yes did you have fun?"
Nathan - "Yes you want to know what my favorite part was?"
Madelyn - "No"
Nathan - "Well I am gonna tell you anyway - it was the beluga whales. What was your favorite part?"
Madelyn -"The beluga whales."

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Getting Crafty....

Sew... (ha ha ha!) I recently inherited my late grandmothers sewing machine. A year later I have finally gotten it into my home and boy have I been busy!! It is a really nice Kenmore machine made of metal and requires oiling so it is an older model but I hear those are the best! It sits inside a desk and my grandmother had everything in the desk including the instruction manual as well as many other things. Who knew sewing could be soo much fun!! David had asked me a couple of years ago if I would be interested in learning how to sew and I told him no .. I just didn't think I was the sewing type. Boy was I wrong! JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby are my new favorite stores!! I have really enjoyed this new hobby and I am thankful for Angie taking a few days, phone calls and video calls over the computer to help me learn this new craft! I have made quite a few things and look forward to making many more in the future... probably not the near future seeing as how I think I will have my hands full but we'll see! I have taken some pictures of the recent things I have made. I also let the kids finger paint today so here are those pics as well. You can see Luke really had a good time - as it was the first time I have let him paint! We are just turning into one crafty family!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daddy's always get to have the most fun

Who would of thought bath time could be soo fun??!! Our bathroom just has your average size bathtub - but it does have jets in it. Recently David suggested the boys take a bath in there so they got quite the experience . The pictures are priceless so I thought I would share!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

As I type here I am looking down and my huge belly and thinking back.... Nathan was once that small ......... where did time go??!!! Today my little man started his first day of "preschool" as he says it is not school mom...... just call it preschool.

He got up really well and only once stated he didn't think he wanted to go - but I just kind of ignored it and we went on. I dropped Luke off at my inlaws so I could take Nathan in and get some pictures. When we met his teachers last week Luke cried because he wanted to go in a class. I did not want a repeat of this today so dropping him off for a few minutes worked out well!

You know all my good conversations with Nathan are in the van and today was no exception. He has quite the imagination!! He told me a long time ago he went to Africa and he and his friend saw some palm trees and then he decided that they had really seen the palm trees at Stone Mountain. Mind you he has never been to either of these places. And then the talk went back to Africa and his journey there. To be honest I don't remember much more of the adventure ... I should have blogged this morning. I can say all this talk of Africa is due to our friends the Flintoffs - they are missionaries headed to Africa. In fact a few Sundays ago they had their commissioning service at church and Nathan payed very close attention. The next Sunday he was so excited to see Hannah (the Flintoff's daughter who is Nathan's age) he said mommy "look Hannah's back from Africa!!" Poor guy the Flintoffs haven't even left for Africa - it was humorous! So hecne all the discussion on Africa.

Back to reality ... we get to school and I take a few pics and he goes in and that was it - he just really wanted me to get on my merry way. The kiss and hug were a little too much for him!! So that was it. I went and picked up Luke and we went home. It was a very quiet morning with the exception of the 500 times Luke asked for "Naney."

I picked him up right on time and here is our conversation:

Mommy - (very enthusiastic) hey Nathan how was your first day?

Nathan - I have homework we have to do it right away.

Mommy - (thinking to myself they told us you wouldn't really have homework - but whatever you say) well tell me how your day was..

Nathan - mom we didn't learn anything, we played outside and then came back in and then the teacher told us to go back outside because the moms and dads are here to pick us up!

Come to find out he did have a little project and so did I. My assignment was to find out about his day for his scrapbook and write verbatim what he says. You can see I didn't get much!! Thankfully I did manage to pry out a few more things this evening. He continues to remind Luke that he has to go to "preschool" tomorrow and that Luke will just have to stay home alone and play toys by himself. It is so funny to hear him tell Luke all this!! Overall I can say we have had a great first impression and we are excited for the year to come!!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Mrs. Brook: Nathan are you ready for school to start?

Nathan: Yes and for hunting season to get here!

Can we say his daddy was soo proud!!!

Care Group

Many churches have what they call care group, small group, home fellowship........ you name it. We at Berachah call it care group. What is care group? It is a few couples who meet together on a regular basis studying, praying and fellowshipping with one another. Our care group has dinner together and we rotate whose home we are going to be in and we bring our kids. This is a plus to me!! Obviously since our kids come along Nathan is very familiar with care group. So the other morning while I was having a baby shower David and Nathan are watching some hunting video. At one point in the video there are a group of deer gathered together to which Nathan responds "look at all those deer eating together daddy.........(long pause)......... maybe they are having care group." I love it!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It was just a matter of time ... How is Ethan going to come out??

Just so you know words will not do this conversation justly - I wish you could have seen facial expressions and the use of hands - but this will just have to do for now!

This morning I had finished eating my bowl of oatmeal and was just sitting at the table. Nathan waiting on me ever so patiently so he could play a computer game asks me what I am doing -he obviously notices I am not eating anymore. So I replied that I was just sitting there letting my food settle. To which he says maybe baby Ethan is eating your oatmeal now. Then he gets this puzzled look on his face and here it comes - "How is baby Ethan going to come out?" He then begins to answer his own questions with possibilities. Using his hands as he speaks he says "will he just come up out of your mouth, do you have to open up your stomach, how does he get out?" I just sat there laughing and wondering what in the world to say. And then I just said God made babies to come out in a special way. He says "well when Ethan gets older we can just ask him how he came out." So I decided to ask Nathan - well how did you get out to which he said "I don't remember." We just left the conversation at that and both giggled a little! I breathing a sigh of relief that the conversation is over!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

David hard at work

Doesn't it look like he is working soo hard!!?? Well just call it one of the many perks of CFA. So far he has been to Nashville, Baltimore, Houston and then off to Florida next week. The first pic is in DC taking a tour on some sort of motorized scooter the next one he is in Annapolis - sailing and then the last is Minute Maid Park in Houston. I guess they work during the day :)

My Olympian Swimmers.....

I just love the Olympics! Many reasons especially this year seeing as how they are in China!! The summer olympics are my favorite - I love to watch the swimming, the cycling, the running, gymnastics - well you get my drift I just enjoy it!! David and I have both joked about being up so late - it isn't too terribly bad for me but I know it is going to catch up to him. And speaking of late we thought we would let Nathan stay up one night with us and watch the swimming - you know he is a fish!! He LOVES swimming!! Both my boys love the water but there is no way Luke would be remotely interested in actually sitting and watching swimming nevermind the fact it comes on way too late!! But back to the story on Sunday night we let Nathan stay up to watch the swimming - little did we know he wouldn't swim until very late - but yes Nathan made it to see Michael Phelps win a gold and at 12:01 am our son was reminding us to put our hands over our hearts while the national anthem was playing!! Yes I am shamefully admitting my 4 year old was up until midnight watching the olympics with his parents. At that time of the night the fact that he was alert enough to remind us of our patriotic duties was worthy of a blog! And no he has not been staying up that late since then!!! Here are a few pics of my own athletes - who knows maybe they will be olympians themselves one day! I don't know do you think he can be serious enough for Olympics??
Then again ....

But this one .... he is my fish!!!

Baby Nesting....

I am sure you have heard that along with pregnancy comes nesting - especially in your last trimester. I am OCD on cleanliness and order in the first place so just crank that up a notch and you get me nesting. For example today I cleaned out my husbands closet hanging all his shirts and pants in a specific order. I told you OCD!! Actually the reason behind this was I needed to get the cradle cleaned out and it had kind of become Dave's hanger amongst other things. So yesterday I dumped everything out and cleaned it up washing all the bedding and today I put everything of Dave's away.

My most fabulous church threw me a baby shower recently and I of course had to put all the goodies away. The nursery is for the most part complete - just a few more things to get but I have taken pictures of the room from start to finish. The colors are yellow, green and brown with animals. I had lots of fun putting it together - usually David is the one doing the painting etc but I wanted to do it this time and I enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn't have done it without help so thanks to Melanie, Shannon, Kimberly, David, and even Nathan!! Some of these pics are not too good as they were taken on the wrong setting but at least you can see some of the baby shower and the nursery!! For now we will just finish getting necessities and wait for little Ethan to make his arrival!

Go Braves!! Luke's first baseball game ......

If you have ever been with either one of my boys you know they can be LOUD! Thanks to CFA we have had many opportunities to attend Braves games this summer and for one of the game days we decided to take the boys. Nathan had been to a game before and of course loves all the action! This game was Luke's first and he had just as much fun but of course could not last an entire game. This was upsetting to Nathan as he wanted to stay much longer!! I think we stayed maybe 4 innings but none the less they were both very much into the game screaming and shouting as we were losing terribly to the St. Louis Cardinals - when I say terribly I think it was like 8 to 0 when we left! The funny part was we sat right in the middle of tons of Cardinal fans so their screaming went right along with those Cardinal fans - my kids didn't know the difference - they just like to be loud! They are definitely all boy!! It was hot evening and we made the game a true experience having some dippin dots ice cream while we were there. I do enjoy seeing all my boys having a great time!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bottoms up for now....

Can you hear the sigh of relief!! I know my mommy friends can relate! So now I don't have to resort to standing on my head in the pool, leaning against the ironing board, playing music around my belly or shining a flashlight on my tummy!! Those all sound pretty silly as I type them up - but if they work ..... Well I am just thankful that he is in the head down position and I right now I don't have to think about a c-section or having him turned around for me! I obviously went to the doctor today and everything is moving right along. I was fortunate to have the 4-D ultrasound today but Ethan was not posing very well for the camera! This one shot here is the best one they could get. He is just so cute!! I am 31 weeks and he is measuring 3 lbs and 13 oz. My blood pressure looks great so I will go back to see Dr. Gomez in 4 weeks and Dr. Houston in two weeks. So if Ethan doesn't come before September 29 then the plan is induction - so in my book that means 8 weeks to go!! I am getting so excited about meeting my new little man! We'll keep you posted!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Let EVERYTHING that hath breath praise the Lord!!

On the way to church we always pass a house that has chickens and more recently goats in their yard. We don't always see them but on occasion they are out. Nathan refers to these animals as his friends and often asks as we pass by if his friends are out. Well there was no exception this morning - he asked if his friends were out and I didn't see them so I said no. And he responded with "well their probably at their church.!' Psalm 150: 6 "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord, praise the Lord."

Did you know #5 and #6.....

You know all good conversations happen in the van and so here are some insights from Nathan.

#5 I actually had been wondering when this particular conversation would come up and the only reason I began pondering it was because of a post my friend Brook wrote about her son Carson - it is pretty funny so you should check it out (3 Little Monkeys on my bloglist.) Well the other day we were riding in the van and we drove past some workers wearing orange. Nathan asked about them and I just told him they were prison workers and I explained that the men out there were working out there as part of their punishment and they would not be paid for it. Then of course I had to explain why people go to jail. Basically I just told him that they must have done some things that were against the law which in his mind equals bad. A couple of miles farther down the road we encounter some other men working. These men had on green and so I had to explain that they were city workers and they were being paid for the work they were doing. To which he promptly replied "yeah mom workers that wear green they don't do bad things." It was a good opportunity for me to remind him we are all sinners. I just left it at that for the day. I am sure next time we see orange and green workers another conversation will ensue!

#6 We were riding to the pool the other day when Nathan informed me why daddies and sometimes mommies have to work. "They have to work so they can have money for their children so they can buy them toys. Some boys and girls don't have toys so their daddies and mommies have to work so they can get money for them." Interesting philosophy huh!! I just really had to laugh!! We often tell him that their are lots of boys and girls that don't have as many things as he does so I guess that is why he thinks both the mommy and daddy have to work! I did tell him daddy works not just so he can have toys - but for much more important things like a roof over our heads and clothes on our body and food to eat. I don't remember too much about being 4 but I am guessing toys was big on my mind then! In time he will see the bigger picture - at least that is what I will be praying for!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Won't you be my neighbor

Neighbor, Webster's defines this as one living or located near another. I somewhat agree with that but I believe that we as Americans probably would define it a little different. When I think of neighbor I think of Mr. Rogers (hence the blog title), someone you can borrow sugar or butter from, friends, etc the list really could go on. But in reality do neighbors like that really exist. I can remember my mom talking about growing up in her neighborhood where everyone knew everybody. They probably even had block parties. My nana lived in the same house my mom grew up in until she passed away and the same two neighbors on the left side of her home are still there and have been since my mom was a kid!! And for that matter my dads parents still live in the same house he grew up in - however they don't have the same neighbors. When we lived in Summergrove - I kind of knew my neighbors - on one side of me was a Hispanic family so there was a bit of a language barrier and on my other side was a single guy who owned what David calls a girlie dog - that was all I really knew about him. Our across the street neighbors were super nice but they moved before we could really get to know them. And none of these people did I just feel like I could call in a pinch nor would I leave my kids with them in an emergency. My point is that for most people a neighbor is just like Webster defines it someone who lives nearby - BUT not for me!! I have the best next door neighbors ever!!! Miller family if you are reading this - we just love you guys!! Moving for me was a HUGE adjustment - something the Lord definitely grew me through and I just love to think about His purpose and plan for our move and how He so divinely included the Millers - Mr. Ken, Ms. Jamie, and Ms. Kellie!! When we moved in they came over and brought us flowers and cookies and the friendliness didn't stop there. They have done several other things but what inclined me to write tonight was Ms Jamie was shopping and strawberries were on sale and she brought me some!! That is just sooo thoughtful!! And this isn't the first time she has done something like this. Nathan loves to just go over there and talk to them - and I just let him!! He came home the other day with two books they had gotten the boys. These are definitely neighbors I would leave my kids with. I know I could call them in an emergency and they would do whatever they could! People often ask me if I have a plan if I go into labor in the middle of the night - which is unlikely for me but that is besides the point. We do have both sets of parents right here but I also feel like I could easily call on the Millers! When I think of the word neighbor it is more than someone who just lives next to me - they are my friends and I hope they never move!! All my neighbors around me are nice - they have all lived on this street since the subdivision went up. I actually used to go to church with my across the street neighbors! I hope you have at least one neighbor like the Millers - they truly are a blessing!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And he's off .....

This morning David headed out with bags packed for Texas for a short business trip. He should be back Thursday depending on flights and such. Last week he was in Baltimore, and the week before that he was in Nashville. As crazy as it may sound it really is better that he is traveling so much now as opposed to later. When he asked me about it last night I told him to go - go while I am feeling good - besides I am becoming a pro at this being a single parent - NOT!!! I truly miss him when he is gone and the kids non-stop ask about daddy! It makes me very grateful that the Lord has blessed me with David and very sympathetic to moms who have to go it alone all the time. Kudos to you mothers!!

On another note of no importance at all - it is just humorous. Yesterday morning I slept a little while longer while the boys were playing in their room - or so I thought. Nathan brings me this picture he has made for me with glitter - hmmm funny I don't recall giving any permission to play with glitter pens. Of course I immediately get up to go investigate their bedroom where I find glitter pens without tops, Luke has written on himself with gel pens, and he is missing his diaper!! Now I had already changed him first thing when he woke up - thankfully!! The diaper is not even in his room - I eventually found it on David's side of the bed almost under the bed. Who knows when he took it off - because I don't even remember him coming back in our room! I know not a good sign!! The moral of the story - mommy cannot (and will not) attempt to or actually go back to sleep after the kids are awake - that is unless they are supervised by daddy :)!

Well we are off to Amy's (Angie's youngest) 4th bday party! Hope you guys have a great day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mamma Mia does it again......

So I have now seen Mamma Mia three times, once on Broadway in NYC (oh I want to go there - yes again!) once at the Fox here in the ATL, and the at the movies this weekend in Newnan. And the funny thing is I have seen them all within the past 9 months!! Of course you can guess which was my absolute favorite.....NYC!!! However all three times I have seen it have been fabulous and equally entertaining in their own way. Seeing it in NYC is just an experience itself and that is my favorite city ever!! Then seeing it at the Fox ... I won't forget that either. Angie and I had the privilege of having this rather big man sit behind us and he obviously had had a bit too much to drink that evening. He sang and talked VERY LOUDLY - he was quite obnoxious. At first I was getting annoyed but then it just became funny - "sup pah pa sup pah pa" is what he would sing during "Super Trouper" - just something I won't forget and I am sure neither will Angie!! I added some pics below from our show at the Fox. And then there is the movie. There are many musicals that become movies and many movies that become musicals. Some are good and some are not. I give this one a thumbs up. It was cute and of course had great music - which is the point. Not to mention it was the first time me, the Davids, and Angie got to go out on a double date at home! Usually when we go out we are with CFA on some trip or seminar! So the company made the movie even better! What can I say I obviously love music therefore I love a good musical so for now ..."you can dance you can jive having the time of your life, see that girl watch that scene digging the dancing queen."

Eating at Spaghetti Factory before the show
Mamma Mia at The Fabulous Fox Theatre
One silly Mamma!
That is the "super trouper" behind us!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today the kids and I visited some dear friends of ours. Susan (my dear friend) called me early this morning to tell me that at her church (our old church) the preschoolers were having a wet and wild day complete with slip n slides, kiddie pools, sprinklers, you know the works! I heavily contemplated not going but I am glad I did. Not only did I see Susan and her kids .. (Steve we missed you) but we also were able to visit with Nathan's former kindermusik teacher the infamous Ms. Tammy! The boys enjoyed seeing Savannah and Ty (Susan's kids). And I of course enjoyed catching up with my "suzie-q." I thank God for great friends!

Nathan on the slip n slide

Ty, Nathan, Luke and Savannah

Susan and Me!

Nathan and Ty enjoying the slip n slide!

Like a kid in a candy shop....

Kudos Kudos Kudos to Suzie-Q's Sweet Shop in Fayetteville. This quaint little candy store opened up about 2 months ago and is located on the square in Fayetteville. Here is the write up in our paper.

David and I took the boys the other night and had soo much fun! What a trip down memory lane! There was candy in there that I had not seen since I was a little girl! The boys were fascinated of course. In fact twice I caught Luke eating gummy bears straight out of the candy jar - you would have thought he was a kid in a candy store! You must check this out for yourself! I promise you won't be disappointed!!

videos from the 4th

Pics from the 4th

Better late than never!


I love being a mom!! Granted some days are harder than others - but ultimately I don't think any other job compares. After all God has entrusted me (~and who am I??) to nurture, love, care for and shepherd their hearts toward Him! Phew just thinking about it makes me sweat! Not to mention what perks being a mother has!! One of those is watching them develop into little people...which brings me to Luke! He is such a character!! People always say your children are all different. But I am telling you no to kids could be more different than mine!!! You would get bored if I sat here and wrote out all their differences so if you want to know feel free to ask but I will spare you for now. But I do want to share a few new things Luke says and this adorable video!
When he wants to be held he used to say "hold me" it was pretty clear and you knew what he wanted but recently he started saying "wubbie." I have no idea where this came from but it makes me think of that movie "Mr. Mom" one of the kids in that movie calls his security blanket his "wubbie" and the dad accidentally sucks it up with the vacuum cleaner. It really is humorous. If Luke ever says "wubbie" to you then he wants you to pick him up!
The other thing he recently began saying is "stawb" which is a strawberry. He must have heard us say this but now he is constantly looking for the pretend "stawbies" in their play kitchen and asking to eat some. This boy thinks life is a snack!
He is a cutie - enjoy this clip...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pool fun!!

So I wish I had had my camera today but I didn't!! Isn't that how it always goes!! David took the day off because he is heading out to the Baltimore/DC area tomorrow for CFA business trip and won't be back until late Saturday. So after I got home from my Dr. appt ( I had to drink that nasty glucose drink - yuck!!) and we went and voted ( super important!!) we decided to go hang out at the pool.

This is really nothing out of the ordinary for me and the boys as we try to go everyday but having daddy there was special. And we were the only people there! The boys and I have a routine. We get there and I get Nathan all sunscreened and then off he goes - you know he is quite the swimmer. Luke is a little different I have to put on his swim diaper, his swimsuit, swim shoes, sunscreen him up and then on with the floaties. Well he must have been feeling a little impatient today. David and Nathan are already in the pool and I am wetting Lukes floaties to get them on a little easier and then I am telling Dave how I think one of them may have a whole in it and suddenly I hear splash. There goes Luke - he jumps right into the pool with no swimmies on and David is just looking at him - I am like "David!!!" who is just standing in the pool and then says oh I'll get him - by this time I have jumped in and rescued my little eager man. Poor David - he says " I thought it was Nathan and I was thinking he will come back up." You could probably see my heart beating out of my chest and Luke was a little beside himself as well. Maybe next time he will wait on those floaties! Lets at least hope so!!
The boys had a great time swimming with Daddy!! Nathan and David were under water looking at each other. When they came back up David commented he must have kept his eyes open like that when he was a kid but her sure can't really see anything now. So he then asks Nathan if he could see him and Nathan replies ... "I can see your body but not you." It was humorous!! Luke is a bit different. He is a daredevil for the first 30 minutes and then he has had enough. During this time he is a fish putting his face in and being silly - this is why I wish I had brought my camera - he really has come along way since the start of the summer! After he has had enough of that he just walks around looking for a snack :) or throwing toys in the pool for Nathan to go and retrieve. Nathan on the other hand would live in the water you practically have to drag him out!! He is never ready to go. I have one child who cries to go bye bye and one who begs to stay. They are definitely different!

And this is what happens after swimming!! It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun! What did you do today??